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Naturopathic Practice for Psychotherapy


There are 5 common factors that are attributed to the effectiveness of psychotherapy treatments:


Therapeutic interventions that can stimulate insight & understanding of the client to treat specific behavioural patterns. (e.g.: psychoeducation)


Problem solving by teaching new coping skills (e.g. relaxation techniques)

Problem solving

Dysfunctional coping strategies can be learned directly (made conscious) and modified during the therapy (e.g. via psychoanalytic transference)

Resource activation

Analysis and use of the client's own strengths, talents and motivation to tackle acute problems constructively (e.g. by identifying where a similar problem has already been successfully overcome)

Therapeutic relationship

The relationship with the client should be defined by understanding, acceptance and empathy to assist with his or her problem-solving strategies.

[According to Klaus Grawe and employees; Source: Intensive Course on Psychiatry and Psychotherapy by Lieb, Frauenknecht and Brunnhuber; Publisher: Elesevier Urban & Fischer, 6th Edition 2008]

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